Naomi Penfold

ASAPbio (Accelerating Science and Publication in Biology)


Keynote lecture
Preprinting for neuroinformatics: where are we at?

Preprints in biology have gained incredible momentum over the last few years, with over 2,000 now being posted each month. But, in the context of all published papers, these numbers are still tiny: the rate of preprint posting is <3% of the research that is indexed by PubMed.Will the preprinting become the norm only in a few communities, or will the practice become a standard way of communicating that accelerates and enriches research across the life sciences? What are some of remaining barriers to the widespread use of preprints that you see? What would you recommend as best practices for preprinting in neuroinformatics? This abstract is adapted from ASAPbio under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license, with minor text edits and the addition of the last sentence.