Ariel Rokem

University of Washington


Keynote lecture
Training in the era of brain observatories: data science education and collaboration

Over the course of the last decade, neuroscience has gained access to massive new datasets through concerted data collection and data sharing efforts. While this data presents tremendous opportunities to unlock the mysteries of the brain, it also presents new challenges that arise from the difficulties that researchers encounter when they attempt to manage, store, analyze and understand it.Tools and methods to address these challenges are needed, but at the same time, neuroscientists also need to acquire the skills required to use these new approaches, and formal training programs are struggling to meet this demand. In this talk, I will present alternative modes of training that have proven successful in meeting this demand, focusing on the concept of a hack week: an event that we developed in tandem with similar events in other research domains (Astronomy and Geosciences) and that creates a unique environment for data science education and collaboration.