The annual INCF Congress provides a meeting place for researchers in all fields related to neuroinformatics. Join us for keynotes from top neuroscientists, community sessions and poster- and demo sessions.
Neuroinformatics 2019 provides a forum for infrastructure providers and developers of tools, standards, and best practices to help define the capabilities of the global network, receive training on how to participate in the Open, FAIR and Citable global network and learn how to provide better services to their constituents. This conference is also a great opportunity to introduce new participants to the field of neuroinformatics and highlight new and innovative tools and approaches.

Join us in Warsaw on September 1-2 to interact and share your latest ideas in AI, neuroimaging and computational neuroscience with plenty of opportunities for presenting your posters and getting a hands-on experience with the latest tools, and for networking during the social events.


Neuroinformatics 2019 comes to Warsaw, Poland and is organized in collaboration with the Polish INCF Node.


Program committee

Daniel Wójcik (Chair)
Włodzisław Duch
Ewa Gudowska-Nowak
Andrzej Wróbel
Jarosław Żygierewicz
Thomas Wachtler
Upinder S Bhalla
Camille Maumet
Marcello Rosa
Sonja Grün


Physics Department, University of Warsaw

About INCF

The International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) is an international non-profit organization devoted to advancing the field of neuroinformatics and global collaborative brain research. Learn more about INCF www.incf.org

The annual INCF Congress series

2018: Montréal, Canada
2017: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2016: Reading, United Kingdom
2015: Cairns, Australia
2014: Leiden, the Netherlands
2013: Stockholm, Sweden
2012: Munich, Germany
2011: Boston, USA
2010: Kobe, Japan
2009: Pilsen, Czech Republic
2008: Stockholm, Sweden

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